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  • -Born in Jaen in 1943.

  • -Visual artist and architect, he has worked sculpture, acrchitecture and, since 1981, painting . He travels to the United States.

  • -He makes several interventions and installations in an architectual context, of which the Usera Installation-Mural in Madrid (1994) stands out for wining the 1st Prize of the Interventions in Public Space Award.

  • -Since 1991 he spends long periods of time working in his studio in Asilah, Morocco, researching the symbolic aspects of abstraction and studying Muslim-Arab culture. He travels frequently through the north of Africa.

  • -He habitually exposes his work in Spain, Morocco, and different European countries

  • -In 1998 he founded the MEDOCC Association, which develops cultural exchange programs in Maghreb and in the mediterranean area. Between 2000 and 2007 he organizes the Itinerant Exhibitions "Re.encounter - Tawassul"and "Affinities" between Morocco and Spain, with outstanding artists of both countries, and colloquiums and round tables in the main cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Seville, Madrid, etc.

  • -Between 2008-2011 he manages the project "ILHAM-INSPIRATION", with six Spanish artists who have been inspired by Arab culture to produce a set of works that travel through different surrounding countries starting in the legendary Damascus, and that originates a series in his work under the same name.

  • -Since 2009  he develops the generic project "Gigabytes de Piedra", with successive variations: Terabytes de Piedra, La Piel de la Tierra..., which reflects upon the passing of time in nature and in men.

  • -In 2013 received the Prize 14,4 for “Dialog across two shores” from the Casa Árabe of Madrid as recognition for the trayectory of his life and work dedicatedto the intercultural communication between both the Mediterranean shores.

  • -In his last work he returns to the subject of the "Light Boxes", and they are exposed in Madrid (Spain) and Sharjah (Arab Emirates)


  • -He has been a part of the Advisory Board of the Casa Árabe.  



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